Stories by Moi


The world one day forgot how to love things in many forms. No one was capable of loving anyone romantically, mothers and fathers lost love for their children and vice versa, a particular episode of Seinfeld wasn’t more special than the other, and so on. In an apathetic world, love became a word used to describe how useful someone is to you, and to earn their love, one must fulfill certain conditions.

Jay "Jayjay" Warbler

She is a robot designed by Micheal Snow. She was built to help others make and have better relationships. She enjoys pranks, inventing toys and machines, and performing experiments on unsuspecting victims. She enrolled into Cheri Poppierre’s Academy for boys to put her design and coding to the ultimate test.

Eros Valentine

The God of Love has descended from Olympus to live among the humans because his family is stupid and annoying. He refuses to go back to Olympus until his mother apologizes for treating him like a servant all his life. Since he stopped doing his job, the world became incapable of loving things unconditionally. He enrolled himself in Cheri Poppierre’s Academy for boys because it was the worst school he could find and would not care about his academic career. He enjoys pulling pranks on people and not doing any work. He’s also one of Jay’s best friends.

Shalwandeino "Juan" Snow

Juan is a English teacher in Cheri Poppierre’s Academy for boys. He’s usually a friendly and nice man, but he cannot tolerate bullies and will become extremely aggressive when faced with one. When in that state of mind, his character turns into that of a common gangster leader. He’s Doctor Mitchel’s twin brother and Jay’s technical uncle and guardian.

Mitchel Snow

A genius scientist who designs robots, inventor of Jay. He mysteriously went missing and left Jay under Juan’s care.

Micheal Cross

A third year student who’s secretary of the student council and leader of The Royal Spiders gang. He secretly does drag, and Jay uses that secret to blackmail him into being her friend.

Van Pierre's Cafe

Romio, desperate for money, works for a cafe run by psychotic vampires

Romio X

A shady young adult with little to no backstory on his record. He couldn’t find work anywhere else, and when all hope was lost he was finally hired into Van Pierre’s cafe. Little did he know of the chaos held within. He’s in charge of taking orders with Faynaynay. He lives in a cheap apartment with his little brother, Biscuit.

Biscuit X

Romio’s little brother. He’s a very well behaved little boy who cherishes the moments he can have with Romio. He usually spends his days in a day care center until Romio picks him up. He usually gets Romio’s name confused with different names that start with an R, but no one can tell if he’s doing it on purpose or not.

Naus-Forato Pierre

The younger of the two Pierre brothers. His behavior and personality is very unpredictable, shifting from a goofball doing random things to a heartless serial murderer. He’s in charge of the food, although rarely does his job and instead disturbs the customers. He has also taken a romantic interest to Romio and declares him as his boyfriend despite Romio’s disagreements. He enjoys the word Yatzee and entering the cafe by breaking through the window.

Cladaur Pierre

The older of the Pierre brothers. He’s more stoic than his brother and criticizes him for his out of control behavior, but as normal as he seems, he does do very strange things such as eating toilet paper and forming sentences that doesn’t make any sense. He’s in charge of drinks and whatever his brother doesn’t do.

Faynaynay Shaniqua

According to Naus and Cladaur, she is a single mother of 2 kids trying to make ends meat by herself since her baby daddy won’t pay child support, but in Romio’s eyes, she’s a blow-em-up adult doll. Customers seem to see her as a human being and give her higher tips than Romio. She’s in charge showing guest to their table and taking their orders.

Van Pierre and Isaac Urblud

Naus and Cladaur’s parents, founder’s of Van Pierre’s cafe. They rest under the cafe in their coffins until they are needed.