Character Designs

Jay Warbler

Micheal's personal assistant robot designed to help others make have better relationships. While she identifies as genderless, she leaves her pronouns up to you since she doesn't care. She enjoys pranks and performing experiments on unsuspecting victims.


Romio's traveling companion who he regards as his little brother. They grew up in the same orphanage and had each other's backs for as Biscuit can remember

Jay Warbler (Young)

As a prototype, Jay grew up going to school with other kids. Before, she was installed with more emotions and looked about 10 years old.

Micheal Snow

A genius scientist who designs robots, inventor of Jay and Micheal. He mysteriously went missing and left Jay under the care of Juan if anything were to happen to him.

Juan (young)

Twin brother of Micheal and current guardian of Jay. He's a mathematics teacher for 12th graders, trying to keep his guardianship (or Jay's true identity in general) a secret

Eros Valentine

The God of Love has descended from Olympus to live amongst the humans because his family is stupid and annoying. While Jay was in school, he posed as a middle school student and was one of Jay's best friends. For a mysterious reason, they are now enemies.